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Has Brexit offered you a "Perfect Storm" of opportunity to cash out on your USA real estate assets?

Updated: July 7th 2016

The data is clear:
If you've invested pounds into the US real estate market you're sitting on a currency return alone of somewhere between 17% and 62%.

I'm an expat from Cambridge via Norwich and Cornwall and I've been selling real estate in the USA since 2000.  Today I see an impressive opportunity for UK owners of second or vacation homes in the USA to take advantage of the fallout that Brexit has created. 

In the 2 weeks since the Brexit vote result the pound has shed 21¢ or about 16% of its value against the dollar - trading underneath $1.30.  Looking back over the last 10 years the £ has seen a high of $2.09 and traded above $1.50 for most of this time. 

Additionally, since 2009 the US housing market turned the corner and began to appreciate once more, at first slowly and then with some pace.  In fact, in many markets around the country we've seen 25% or greater appreciation.  Nationally, many are now saying this impressive run-up of house prices is going to stop and there are some factors of uncertainty in the USA adding to this thesis (we have an election of our own coming up).

As a property owner in the USA you are well poised to sell your real estate investment at the higher end of the market cycle and take advantage of currency fluctuations.  It does not matter if your home is currently occupied or vacant, rented or for some other reason seemingly unavailable - these are the issues we deal with on a regular basis.  Fill out the short contact form below or message/call me through WhatsApp - or to receive a free automated valuation report for your home visit  Either way, I'll get right back in touch.

No matter which part of the USA your investment home is located, I look forward to assisting you!

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